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Tony 2 Times is an Italian Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling
Some attributes
First Height = 7"3
Second Weight = 399lbs
Third Hometown = Pizzoferrato, Italy
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Tony 2 Times made his debut on the 9th week of EFW, attacking Bruiser Bencia, who had returned from an injury, when he came out to confront the EFW World Heavyweight Champion, Powerline. The next week, Tony made his debut in a tag match against Powerline and Bruiser, where he teamed with English wrestler, Night Wolf, when Tony got the pin, he was added to the Weapon's gauntlet at Hardcore Hell Hole. The following week, Tony suffered his first loss against Bruiser Bencia in a no dq match. The following week, Tony teamed with MARKK and Thunder Long in a winning effort against Powerline, Bruiser and Jason Cage. Tony's next match was in the Weapon's Gauntlet for the World Title, where he was the 12th entrant but was eliminated by Bruiser Bencia.

In WrestlingEdit


Big Boot

Mafia Bearhug (Reverse Bearhug)

Pizza Cutter (Scissor Kick)


Middle Rope Elbow Drop


Entrance Themes:

"Sicilian Heart"by Italian Mafia

Entrance PictureEdit