Thunderbolt is an American wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First Height = 5"11
Second Weight = 199lbs
Third Hometown = Reno, Nevada
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Thunderbolt made his debut in the opening round of the EFW World Championship Tournament, where he beat Devil Child as a result of a roll up. In the second round, he beat Jack Threlfall after reversing the Tigerbomb into a roll up. In the semi finals, Thunderbolt took on Powerline and MARKK in a triple threat match, just as Thunderbolt was about to hit MARKK with a 450 Splash, Jack Threlfall interfered and cost Thunderbolt the match, eliminating him from the tournament. After the match, EFW GM, Henry Michaels, announced that Thunderbolt would compete at Ruthless Aggression in a 4 way elimination match to determine the first EFW Zero G Champion against SGT Hardin, Duke Jackson and Demonic DJ. Thunderbolt lost the match when Jack Threlfall interfered. The following night, Thunderbolt teamed with Powerline and the debuting Joseph Winters in a winning effort against MARKK, Jack Threlfall and Thunder Long (Hinting a heel turn for Long). 3 weeks later, Thunderbolt teamed with Powerline in a losing effort to MARKK and Jack Threlfall. At Supremacy X, Thunderbolt lost to Jack Threlfall in a no DQ match where if Jack lost, he would have been fired. Thunderbolt had a fair ratio of wins to losses after that. In August, he was revealed as a member of Team Taurus for a 7 on 7 Elimination Tag Team Match to determine the sole GM of EFW at the Summertime PPV. 2 weeks later, he and the other entrants in the elimination match were the lumberjacks in a lumberjack match between the Team Captains, Duke Jackson and Tyler DeToya, the winner would get to select the special guest referee for the 7 on 7 match, when DeToya won, he picked Nolan Night's wife, Helena, as the guest referee. At Summertime, Thunderbolt and Duke Jackson were the survivors of the match, making Xander Taurus the sole GM of EFW

In WrestlingEdit


450 Splash



Nevada Driver (Death Valley Driver)

Tag Team Finishers (With Powerline)

Circuit Overload (Maple Leaf Leap from one corner by Powerline along with a 450 Splash by Thunderbolt from the opposite corner)

Entrance Songs:

Better Than This by Ross Lynch

Entrance PicturesEdit