Thunder Long is an American Wrestler and retired, professional Boxer, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First Height = 6"8
Second Weight = 266lbs
Third Hometown = Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Other attributes
Fourth Boxing Record = 95 wins, 7 losses, 73 knockouts
Thunder Long

Boxing CareerEdit

Thunder Long began his boxing career by defeating the undefeated Wesley Underhook by Knockout in the 4th round. Thunder then beat the likes of Rory Mackintowa and Redrick Greenbund, building a 35-0 undefeated streak before losing to Gary Brawman. Thunder then continued to keep fighting before he decided to retire, ending his boxing record at 95-7 with 73 knockouts.

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Thunder debuted in EFW as part of the EFW World Championship Tournament where he beat Brutal Barry in the first round but was attacked by Laughing Leonard after. Thunder got payback when he interfered in Leonard's match against Powerline. The following week, Thunder lost a falls count anywhere match to Powerine after being speared through a glass door. The following week, Thunder beat the Jobber, Leo Fuer. At Ruthless Aggression, Thunder teamed up with Hunter Blakesfield in a winning effort against The Asian Alliance. The following week, Thunder teamed up with MARKK and Jack Threlfall to face Powerline, Thunderbolt and the debuting Joseph Winters, possibly hinting a heel turn for Thunder Long, Long's team were unsuccessful. The following week, Thunder interfered in Winters' match with Jack Threlfall after striking Winters with a chair, turning heel in the process. Later that night, Long was unsuccessful in a 3 way match to determine the number one contender for the EFW World Heavyweight Championship against MARKK and Hunter Blakesfield. The following week, Long distracted Winters in his match against the debuting Jason Cage. The following week, Thunder got himself disqualified in his match against Cage, causing Winters to come to Cage's aid and creating a match between Winters and Long at Supremacy X. The match was made a 3 Stages of Hell Match with a flag match, a strap match and a last ride match. At Supremacy X, Long won the flag match but was unsuccessful in the strap match. When Long was about to win the Last Ride Match, when Long opened the door to the Herse, he was attacked by Jason Cage, who was hiding in the car and helped Joseph win the match. The following night, Long lost to World Champion, Powerline.

In WrestlingEdit


Thunder Before The Lightning (Running Tombstone Piledriver)

World's Strongest Slam



Camel Clutch

Entrance Themes:

"In Da Club"by 50 Cent

"Round 1" by Kray Twins

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Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)