Shane Wright is an anonymous Fanfiction reader that submitted no less than 9 different wrestlers for Extreme Fanfic Wrestling, most of them were turned down because details were copied from active wrestlers, however a couple were still accepted

Wrestlers Submitted by Shane WrightEdit

  1. Colonel Shane The Game (Declined)
  2. Mr Anderson (Declined)
  3. Mr Tim Miller (Declined)
  4. Priestess Merta (Declined)
  5. Sadean (Still Pending)
  6. Mr Black (Declined)
  7. Warru Momochi (Still Pending)
  8. Fishface (Accepted)
  9. Curtis Extreme (Accepted)


At first, the amount of characters sent in was getting on the writer's nerves, but after leaving a notice regarding, Shane apologized and the writer easily forgave him, but still couldn't accept any of the OCs unless the info of them that was copied from active wrestlers was changed, when Shane did chane them, the writer accepted 2 characters but couldn't decide whether or not to accept any of the others