Kusami is a Japanese wrestler. Currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Kusami made his debut in a 15 man battle royal starring people from the Zero G division, inspite a good performance, he was unable to win the match. Over the next couple of months, Kusami fought in several matches against the likes of Jason Cage, Duke Jackson and SGT Hardin, but with very few success. At the Chaos PPV, Kusami won an exhibition match against SGT Hardin. At the Endurance PPV, Kusami fought in a 20 man Royal Rumble, but he was eliminated by Tony 2 Times, coming in 7th place. Kusami's next PPV appearance was at Summertime, competing in the 7 on 7 elimination match but he was the second elimination when he was pinned by Night Wolf after being hit with a powerbomb. Kusami continued to only make PPV appearances. At Inferno, he lost to Jason Cage in a match for the EFW Hardcore Championship.

In WrestlingEdit


Dragon Sleeper

Dragon Suplex



Buzzsaw Kick

Double Knee Jawbreaker

Entrance Music:

"Clock Strikes" by ONE OK ROCK

Entrance PictureEdit