John Pecker
Some attributes
First Height = 6"0
Second Weight = 222LBS
Third Hometown = Davenport, Iowa
Other attributes
John Pecker is an American Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
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Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Pecker made his debut as part of the EFW Wildcard Tag Team Tournament where he teamed with Ricky Vulturn. Pecker and Vulturn were the only Jobber duo to win their opening round match when they beat Duke Jackson and Demonic DJ after an interference from Blake Roberts. The following week, Pecker and Vulturn defeated Barberino and Thunderbolt. In the finals, Pecker and Vulturn lost to Joseph Winters and Martin Scarab, after the match, Vulturn attacked Pecker with a chair, causing the GM's to put Pecker and Vulturn in a chairs match at the upcoming Pay Per View, Hardcore Hell Hole with the winner getting a full time EFW Contract. At Hardcore Hell Hole, Pecker, sporting a new look, defeated Vulturn in the Chairs match and became a full time member of the roster. Pecker made few appearances over the next number of months, on the final event before Summertime, Pecker recieved a wrist injury and had to sit out of competing. He returned after the Inferno, when he competed in a fatal four way match to try to qualify for the King of the Mountain match for the EFW World Heavyweight Championship at Urban Brawl, the winner was Curtis Extreme. Pecker tried to qualify again 2 weeks later in a 6 man ladder match which was won by Caeden Farrell, Pecker didn't make any more PPV appearances for the rest of the year, his next PPV appearance was in January of 2015, when he was revealed as Flare Jack's new partner for the EFW World Tag Team Championship match at Halo, since Madd Max had turned on Flare. Pecker and Flare were unsuccessful.

In WrestlingEdit


Wood-Pecker (Fireman's Carry Slam)

Pecker Driver (Modified Snapmare Driver)

Cattle Mutilation


Mood Swing

Gear Shift (Overdrive)

Entrance Music:

"Ignition" by Tobymac

Entrance PicturesEdit