Jennifer Smith is an American Wrestler, currently signed as a Blossom on Extreme Fanfic Wrestling

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Jennifer started her career as the manager of her boyfriend, Hunter Blakesfield, when he won his debut match against Devil Child when Devil Child's partner, Shogun Yanai went after Jennfier and Hunter tried to protect her. Jennifer's first match was at the Ruthless Aggression as part of an 8 Blossom Gauntlet to determine the first EFW Blossom Champion, Jennifer eliminated the most Blossoms before being eliminated herself by Tristen Colden. The eventual winner was Ashley Marie Brooks. Jennfier then won a singles match against Queen B when a mysterious woman appeared in the ring. 2 weeks later, Jennfier competed in a number one contenders match against Colden that ended in a double countout with the same mysterious woman in the front row. The following week, Jennifer called out the woman, who revealed her name to be Scarlett and offered for Jennifer to form an alliance with her but Jennifer declined, leading to a fight which EFW Blossom Champion, Ashley Marie Brooks, to break it up and for EFW's co-GMs, Henry Michaels and Xander Taurus, to create a tag match with Ashley and Jennifer versus Scarlett and Tristen Colden. At Supremacy X, Jennifer competed in a 3 way dance for the Blossoms Title when Scarlett interfered and Jennifer chased her backstage, the winner was Brooks. The following night, Ashley and Jennifer (Now going by The Country Girls) defeated Scarlett and Tristen when Scarlett walked out on the match. The following week, Jennifer was announced as the number one contender for the Blossoms Title against Ashley at Hardcore Hell Hole in a Championship on a Pole match.

In WrestlingEdit


Country House (Full Nelson Facebuster)


Chick Kick

Reality Check

Entrance Themes:

"Rockstar" by Miley Cyrus

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EFW Blossom Champion (1 Time)-Current