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Hyozanru is a Chinese wrestler and former manager currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Hyozanru made his debut as part of The Asian Alliance, as their manager, Hyozanru managed the team of Devil Child and Shogun Yanai wearing a mask, with fellow manager, Kew Chi. After months of managing The Asian Alliance, Hyozanru turned on them by costing them a First Blood match at Hardcore Hell Hole against Jack Threlfall, turning on the Asian Alliance and turning face in the process. The following night, Kew Chi was released from EFW and Devil Child and Shogun Yanai fired Hyozanru. At Chaos, Hyozanru cost Devil Child a Taipei Deathmatch against Hunter Blakesfield, aligning himself with H20 in the process. Inspite joining H20, Hyozanru decided to focus on singles competition, his debut was 2 weeks after the No Man's Land PPV, facing MARKK in a winning effort. Over the next few months, Hyozanru went undefeated until he lost a Feast or Fired qualifying match against Thunder Long. After the event, Hyozanru had a fair ratio of wins to losses. Hyozanru earned his first taste of championship gold at Supremacy X when he beat Jason Cage to win the EFW Hardcore Championship.

In WrestlingEdit


Black Hole Slam

Year Of The Dragon (Shock Treatment)



Hyozanru Dynasty (Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex)

Entrance Music:

"Ashima" by Xie Tian Xiao

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Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW Hardcore Champion (1 Time)