Hardcore Hell Hole is the april PPV of Extreme Fanfic Wrestling. The theme is that all matches will be hardcore based and the main event will be the 12 man Weapons Gauntlet.


Match Match Type Added Stipulations
John Pecker def Ricky Vulturn Chairs Match Winner recieved a full time contract
Jack Threlfall and Thunderbolt def The Asian Alliance First Blood Elimination
Joseph Winters & Martin Scarab def H20(c) Tag Team Extreme Rules Match EFW World Tag Team Championship
Blake Roberts def Duke Jackson Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Jennifer Smith def Ashley Marie Brooks(c) Championship on a pole match EFW Blossom Championship
Randy Newton def Demonic DJ(c), Giant Guppy and Barberino 4 Way Street Fight

EFW Zero G Championship


Thunder Long won th weapons gauntlet Weapons Gauntlet EFW World Heavyweight Championship
Entrant Number Entrant Weapon Elimination Order Eliminated By Move used for elimination
1 Hardin Ladder 6 Cage Superkick over ropes
2 Wilczynski Pipe 1 Flare 2x4 to the face over ropes
3 Flare 2x4 4 Himself Clothesline over ropes
4 Barry Chain 3 Flare Clothesline over ropes
5 Max Baseball Bat 2 Leonard Pull ropes down
6 Leonard Table 5 Cage Shirianu over ropes
7 Long Kendo Stick 12 WINNER
8 Cage Chair 10 Long Pushed off top rope while attempting a moonsault
9 MARKK Sledgehammer 7 Tony Big Boot over ropes
10 Powerline(c) Police Baton 8 Long Kendo Stick shot while Powerline was on the apron 
11 Bruiser Bencia Stop Sign 11 Long Thunder before lightning
12 Tony 2 Times Mop 9 Bruiser Dominator over ropes


Match Match Type Added Stipulation
Hannah Layla(c) def Caeden Farrell, Shogun Yanai, Duke Jackson & Furious Frye King of the Mountain EFW Zero G Championship
Hyozanru(c) def Randy Newton Dog Collar Match EFW Hardcore Championship
Steven Edens & Nolan Night def Team Electric Tag Team Match EFW World Tag Team Championship
Weather(c) def Ashley Marie Brooks I Quit Match EFW Blossom Championship
Tristen Colden & Scarlett def Team Mean (c) Tag Team Match EFW Blossoms Tag Team Championship
Andrew Wilczynski won the Weapons Gauntlet Weapons Gauntlet EFW World Heavyweight Championship
Hunter Blakesfield def Andrew Wilczynski(c) Normal Match EFW World Heavyweight Championship