Endurance is the July PPV for Extreme Fanfic Wrestling. The theme is that the main event will be either an Ironman Match or a Last Man Standing Match


The Country Girls def K2(c) Tag Team EFW Blossoms Tag Team Championship
Jason Cage(c) def Tyler DeToya Extreme Rules EFW Hardcore Championship
H20(c) def Team Mexico Tag Team EFW World Tag Team Championship
Duke Jackson def Joseph Winters(c) by Countout Normal EFW Zero G Championship
Thunder Long def MARKK Last Man Standing Match If Long lost, MARKK would have gotten a shot at the EFW World Title at Summertime
Steven Edens won a 20 man Royal Rumble Battle Royal, last eliminating Tony 2 Times 20 man Royal Rumble Winner got a shot at any championship they wanted at Summertime
Bruiser Bencia(c) def Warsman 30 Minute Ironman Match EFW World Heavyweight Championship

Royal Rumble Entrants and Eliminations

1 Jack Threlfall 0 Guppy 4 While trying to eliminate Kusiami, Guppy kicked Threlfall over the top ropes
2 Giant Guppy 3 Edens 18 When Edens was on the ropes and Guppy charged at him, Edens pulled down the rope
3 Flare Jack 0 Barry 7 Back drop over ropes
4 Steven Edens 3 Winner
5 Shogun Yanai 1 Fawcer 12 Clotheslined over ropes
6 Thunderbolt 0 Barry 2 Clothesline over ropes
7 Blake Roberts 0 Guppy & Edens 1 Both men tipped him over from behind
8 Dark Hado 0 Barry 3 Powerbomb onto apron followed by backhand chop
9 Devil Child 0 Barry & Yanai 5 Both men dumped him over the ropes
10 Brutal Barry 8 Tony, Edens & Guppy 17 Triple Dropkick over ropes
11 Laughing Leonard 0 Frye 9 Frye tossed Leonard over the ropes, 3 seconds after stepping in the ring
12 Kusami 0 Tony 14 Tossed pver ropes
13 Madd Max 0 Barry 6 Back body drop
14 Fujimanu 0 Barry 8 Military press over ropes
15 Suplex Salezza 0 DJ 10 When DJ was on the apron, Suplex charged at him but DJ pulled down the rope
16 Furious Frye 1 Fawcer 11 Fawcer Irish Whipped Shogun Yanai into Frye
17 Martin Scarab 0 Tony 13 Tossed over ropes
18 Demonic DJ 1 Barry 15 Tossed over ropes
19 Ryan Fawcer 2 Barry 16 Dumped over ropes
20 Tony 2 Times 2 Edens 19 Dropkick over ropes

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