Wrestling Belt
EFW Zero G Championship
EFW Zero G Championship
Some attributes
First Current Champion = Joseph Winters
Second Date Won = 25/5/14
Third Former Champion = Randy Newton
Other attributes
Fourth Longest Reign = Joseph Winters (7 Months)

Shortest Reign = Randy Newton (1 Month)

Fifth First Champion = Demonic DJ
Sixth Most Reigns = All Champions (1)
The EFW Zero G Championship is a wrestling Championship in Extreme Fanfic Wrestling. It is only assigned to members of the Zero G (Cruiserweight) Division. The Inagural Champion is Demonic DJ.

Title CreationEdit

The title was created by EFW GM, Henry Michaels for the High-Flying Athletes. The first champion was decided at Ruthless Aggression in a 4 way match that was won by Demonic DJ, the current champion.

List of Zero G ChampionsEdit

Demonic DJ N/A 2 Months Ruthless Aggression This was a 4-Way Elimination match also starring Duke Jackson, SGT Hardin and Thunderbolt
Randy Newton Demonic DJ 1 Month Hardcore Hell Hole This was a 4-Way Elimination Match also starring Giant Guppy and Barberino
Joseph Winters Newton 8 Months Chaos This was a Ladder Match
Hannah Layla Joseph Winters 5 Months EFW Live This was Hannah Layla's Feast or Fired cash in.
Giant Guppy Hannah Layla ??? Endurance This was a Sport's Brawl