EFW World Tag Team Championship
Some attributes
First Current Champions = The Down Under Brothers
Second Won = Summertime
Third Former Champion = H20
Other attributes
Fourth Longest Reign = H20 (5 Months

Shortest Reign = Winters and Scarab (1 Day)

Fifth First Champions = The Misfits
Sixth Most Reigns (Team) = H20 (2)

Most Reigns (Individual) = Hunter Blakesfield (2) & Hannah Layla (2)

The EFW World Tag Team Championships are a wrestling championship used by Extreme Fanfic Wrestling. The Inagural champions are The Misfits (Flare Jack and Madd Max). The first champions were decided at the first Ruthless Aggression event.


EFW GM, Henry Michaels, created the titles for the Tag Team division. At the first Ruthless Aggression event, The Misfits faced The Circus Clowns (Brutal Barry and Laughing Leonard)

List of championsEdit

The Misfits N/A 1 Month Ruthless Aggression This was a tag team tables match against The Circus Clowns.
H20 The Misfits 1 Month Supremacy X

This was an elimination match.

Joseph Winters & Martin Scarab H20 1 Day Hardcore Hell Hole This was an Extreme Rules Match
H2O (2) Winters and Scarab 6 Months EFW Live
Giant Guppy & Fishface H20 3 months Summertime
Giant Guppy (2) & Barberino N/A 2 months Cyber Night Guppy picked Barberino as his new partner when Fishface was injured.
The Circus Clowns Giant Guppy & Barberino 3 Months F.O.F
Nolan Night & Steven Edens The Circus Clowns ??? Supremacy X