The EFW World Cup is an EFW Special Event based on the TNA World Cup of Wrestling.

First EventEdit

Teams and members


No. Matches Stipulations
1 Curtis Extreme (Team Night) def Devil Child (Team Jackson) Singles Match
2 Jack Threlfall (Team Jackson) def Tyler DeToya (Team DeToya) Singles Match
3 Hunter Blakesfield (Team Hunter) def Hannah Layla (Team DeToya) Singles Match
4 Nolan Night (Team Night) def ??? Singles Match
5 ??? def Duke Jackson (Team Jackson) Singles Match
6 Hyozanru (Team DeToya) def Caeden Farrell (Team Night) Singles Match
7 ??? def Shogun Yanai (Team DeToya) Singles Match
8 Ashley Marie Brooks (Team Jackson) def ???, Jennifer Smith (Team Night) & Tristen Colden (Team DeToya) Four-way Match
9 Fishface (Team Night) def Demonic DJ (Team Jackson) Singles Match
10 ??? def Team Night Five-on-Five Elimination Tag Team Match