The EFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament is a 12 man tournament that Extreme Fanfic Wrestling is currently hosting to determine the first EFW World Heavyweight Champion


1) Thunder Long

2) Brutal Barry

3) Laughing Leonard

4) Powerline

5) Jack Threlfall

6) Bruiser Bencia

7) Thunderbolt

8) Devil Child


10) Giant Guppy

11) Barberino

12) CPL Wilczynski


In the first match, Thunder Long defeated Barry after hitting Thunder before the Lightning. After the match, Thunder was attacked by Laughing Leonard.

In the  second match, Powerline defeated Laughing Leonard after an interference from Thunder Long.

In the third match, Jack Threlfall beat Bruiser Bencia after hitting a Tiger Bomb.

In the fourth match, Thunderbolt defeated Devil Child after using a roll up.

Iin the fifth match, MARKK defeated Giant Guppy after an outside interference from Kevin Stang.

In the final match of the opening round, CPL Wilczynski defeated Barberino by count out after CPL used a military press to throw Barberino into the front row of the crowd.

In the first match of the second round, MARKK defeated CPL Wilczynski by disqualification after CPL ignored a rope break and refused to release his Anocanda Vise.

In the second match of the quarter finals, Thunderbolt defeated Jack Threlfall after Thunderbolt reversed the Tigerbomb into a roll up.

In the final match of the quarter finals, Powerline defeated Thunder Long in a falls count anywhere match after Powerline speared Thunder Long through a glass door and pinned him just outside the arena.


The semi-finals will be a triple threat match starring MARKK, Thunderbolt and Powerline, the one who gets pinned will be eliminated from the tournament and the winner of the match will have the chance to pick the match stipulation for the finals.



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