Extreme Fanfic Wrestling This is a list of Original Matched used in

One Fall Match TypesEdit

Dome of Destruction

Needle In A Haystack Match

Hospital Brawl- The ring is surrounded by stuff that you find in a hospital (Bedpans, charts, wheelchairs, crutches etc.) The winner is the first one to get his opponent onto a gurney and get him into the ambulence. It is considered a hybrid between a stretcher match and an ambulence match.

Tight Rope Match- A 3 inch thick cable connects a scaffolding at one side of the ring and a pole at the opposite corner of the ring, the winner is the first one to climb the scaffolding and get to the other side of the ring to the pole using the tight rope. A win will not count if the wrestler doesn't climb the scaffolding first.

Roulette Match- The match starts as a simple match but every so often, the match rules will change, the winner is the first one to get a victory in the current match type.

Sports Brawl- The ring is surrounded by sports equipment that can be used as weapons (Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, Golf Clubs, Croquet Mallets, Hockey Pucks, Tennis Rackets, Weights & Footballs).

Elimination Match TypesEdit

Halo Match

Weapons Gauntlet