Dome of Destruction is a cage based match used in Extreme Fanfic Wrestling, it is only used once a year.


The normal 4 sided ring that EFW Wrestlers compete in is replaced with a 6 sided ring, the cage is circular but is small enough so the wrestlers can't get to the arena floor, the cage does not have a door and the roof is curved up with a hole in the middle which is padlocked shut. A wrestler must score 2 falls before they can ask officials to open the exit point on the roof, when opened, a wrestler only has 20 seconds to escape before the exit is shut again. When a wrestler runs out of time, they must score one additional fall for an additional attempt to escape is allowed.


Year Match Event Stipulation Winner
2014 Bruiser Bencia vs Thunder Long Chaos EFW World Heavyweight Championship Bencia


Wrestler Dome of Destruction Matches Entered Wins Losses
Bruiser Bencia 1 1 0
Thunder Long 1 0 1

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