Devil Child is a South Korean wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First Height = 5"8
Second Weight = 210lbs
Third Hometown = South Korea
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Devil Child debuted as part of the EFW World Championship Tournament where he lost to Thunderbolt in the first round. The following week, after his partner Shogun Yanai defeated Dark Hado, Devil Child faced the debuting Hunter Blakesfield, after the match, EFW GM, Henry Michaels announced that Yanai would face Hunter the following week in a Hardcore match with Devil Child banned from ringside. At Ruthless Aggression, Devil Child and Shogun Yanai faced Hunter Blakesfield and Thunder Long in a losing effort. The following night, Devil Child and Shogun Yanai (Now with their new managers, Kew Chi and Hyozanru) faced Hunter in a handicap match but lost by Disqualification when Hunter had the cloverleaf locked in and Devil Child hit him in the back with a chair. The following week, Devil Child didn't compete but he and Yanai did interfere in Hunter's match that week by pushing him off the top rope to the arena floor. The Asian Alliance didn't compete again until the 8th edition of EFW, when they faced the team of Jason Cage and Joseph Winters in a losing effort. At a press conference, it was revealed that Devil Child would be one of 15 entrants to compete at Supremacy X in a battle royal with the winner getting a shot at the EFW Zero G Championship at Hardcore Hell Hole. At Supremacy X, Devil Child was unsuccessful in winning, the winner instead was Randy Newton. A couple weeks later, The Asian Alliance interfered in a match between Jack Threlfall and Warsman. Later on, both men competed in a battle royal to determine the 12th entrant in the Weapons Gauntlet at Hardcore Hell Hole, the battle royal was won by Jason Cage. Later that night, Devil Child teamed with Giant Guppy in the Wildcard Tag Tournament when they beat 2 jobbers.

In WrestlingEdit


Demon Horns (Reverse Jumping Complete Shot)


Poison Mist

Running Knee

Entrance Music:

"Traditional Korean Instrumental Music"

Entrance PictureEdit


The Asian Alliance Entrance Picture