Cyber Night is the November PPV of EFW. The theme is that the fans vote on the matches

2014 [1]Edit

Match Match Type Added Stipulations Voting
Jason Cage(c) def Nolan Night TLC Match EFW Hardcore Championship
  1. Hannah Layla
  2. Nolan Night
  3. Demonic DJ
Scarlett def Kelsey(c) 2 out of 3 Falls Match EFW Blossom Championship
  1. Submission Match
  2. Falls Count Anywhere Match
  3. 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Giant Guppy & Barberino(c) def The Misfits Tag Team Match EFW World Tag Team Championship
  1. The Asian Alliance
  2. Team Mexico
  3. The Misfits
Hunter Blakesfield def Thunder Long with Xander Taurus as the guest ref Special Guest Referee Match
  1. Warsman
  2. Curtis Extreme
  3. Xander Taurus
Joseph Winters(c) def Thunderbolt Normal Match EFW Zero G Championship
  1. Kusami
  2. Thunderbolt
  3. Caeden Farrell
Duke Jackson def Tony 2 Times Lumberjack Match
  1. Lumberjack Match
  2. Destination X Match
  3. I Quit Match
CPL Wilczynski def Bruiser Bencia [2] Redneck Brawl EFW World Heavyweight Championship
  1. Chair Match
  2. Tables Match
  3. Redneck Brawl

[1] For the 2014 event, fans didn't vote on the matches, since EFW had been on a long hiatus, Cyber Night was overdue, so to make sure that EFW would stay on track, the voting concept was taken out for the first Cyber Night event.

[2] After CPL won the World Heavyweight Title, SGT Hardin forced him to hand over the World Title, CPL gave in and declared Hardin the new World Heavyweight champion

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