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Curtis Extreme is an American Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First HT = 6"5
Second WT = 267lbs
Third HOMETOWN = Mount Extreme
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Curtis Extreme debuted the night after No Man's Land, when he interrupted the contract signing for the Ironman match between Warsman and Bruiser Bencia, when Curtis attacked Warsman, wearing a mask. The following week, Curtis (Still wearing the mask) attacked Warsman after his match with Thunder Long, after pretending to be a security guard. The following week, Curtis appeared in the crowd after the main event 6 man tag match with Bruiser Bencia, Joseph Winters and Hunter Blakesfield in one corner and Warsman, MARKK and Tyler DeToya in the other. At the Endurance PPV, after the main event, Ironman match, Warsman tried to assault EFW World Heavyweight Champion, Brusier Bencia and Curtis came to the ring and attacked Warsman. The following night, Curtis came out to confront Warsman and removed his mask, he revealed his name and brawled with Warsman. The following week, Curtis made his official debut, facing Warsman in a one on one match where if Curtis won, he would be officially signed to EFW. In the match, Curtis defeated Warsman and was signed to the company. The following week, Curtis faced the Suplex Salezza, in a winning effort.

In WrestlingEdit


Extreme Slam (Suplex into an Oklahoma Slam)



Pumphandle Slam


Entrance Themes:

"America" by Deuce

Entrance PicturesEdit