Violent J 3
Brutal Barry is an american wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
Some attributes
First Height = 6"6
Second Weight = 324lbs
Third Hometown = The Circus of Insanity
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Barry made his debut on the first edition of the show, facing Thunder Long in the first round of the EFW World Championship Tournament in a losing effort. After the match, Long was attacked by Barry's brother, Laughing Leonard. The following week, The Circus Clowns (Barry and Leonard) lost EFW's first tag team match to the debuting Misfits (Flare Jack & Madd Max). Before the match, EFW GM Henry Michaels announced that The Circus Clowns would face The Misfits at Ruthless Aggression to determine the first EFW World Tag Team Champions. The following week, Barry faced Flare in a singles match, but lost in under 30 seconds. At Ruthless Aggression, both teams faced off in a ladder match that was won by The Misfits after Flare set Leonard through a table after countering the Frog Splash. The Circus Clowns then faced Hannah Layla to determine the number one contenders for the tag titles at Supremacy X, which was won by Hannah, the following week, The Circus Clowns interfered in Hannah's match with Suplex Salezza, and attacked Suplex after the match. The following week, The Circus Clowns lost to Hannah Layla and his new partner, Hunter Blakesfield.

In WrestlingEdit



Saving Grace (Lifting reverse DDT)

Whoopie Cushion (Corner Seated Senton)


Full Nelson Bomb

Circus Act (Double Underhook facebuster)

Entrance Music:

"Creepy Carnival Music"

Entrance PictureEdit


First Entrance Picture