Bruiser Bencia is an American wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First Height = 6"2
Second Weight = 259lbs
Third Hometown = Fort Worth, Texas
Other attributes
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Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Bruiser Bencia made his debut as part of the EFW World Championship Tournament. Where he faced Jack Threlfall in a losing effort in the opening round. Bruiser returned from an injury the night after Supremacy X where he confronted the EFW World Heavyweight Champion, Powerline saying he wanted the World Heavyweight Title, following the confrontation, Bruiser was attacked by the debuting Tony 2 Times. The following week, Bruiser teamed with Powerline to face Tony and the debuting Night Wolf, in a losing effort. The following week, Bruiser defeated Tony in a no DQ match. The following week, Bruiser teamed with Powerline and Jason Cage against MARKK, Tony and Thunder Long in a losing effort. Bruiser next appeared as part of the Weapon's Gauntlet for the EFW World Title at Hardcore Hell Hole, he made it to the final 2 but was pinned by Thunder Long, causing Long to win the match and the EFW World Heavyweight Championship. The following night, Bruiser won the Beat the clock sprint, allowing him to become the number one contender for the World Title at Chaos in a match of his choosing. The following week, Bruiser revealed the match he was picking was a Dome of Destruction match. At Chaos, Bruiser won the Dome of Destruction match and became the EFW World Heavyweight Champion. The following night, Bruiser came out to celebrate winning the World Title when EFW Co GM, Henry Michaels, announced that Long was given his rematch later in the night in the first ever Needle In A Haystack match, later that night, Bruiser won the match and kept the title.

In WrestlingEdit




Torture Rack

Wrestling Hero Slam

Entrance Music:

"Wanted Dead or Alive (Instrumental)" by Jon Bon Jovi

"Redneck Nation" by Moccasin Creek (Current)


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Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW World Heavyweight Champion (1 Time)- Current