Blake Roberts is an American Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Blake debuted when he interfered in a tag team match between Demonic DJ, 2 Jobbers and Duke Jackson when he attacked Jackson. The following week, Duke challenged Blake to a match at the upcoming PPV, Hardcore Hell Hole, which Blake accepted on one condition, it would be made a Clockwork House Of Orange Match, which Duke accepted. At Hardcore Hellhole, Blake won the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. The following night, Blake was revealed as one of the 6 entrants in an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match to determine the first EFW Hardcore Champion. Later that night, Blake was cost a match against John Pecker, after a distractino from Duke. The following week, Blake beat both Pecker and Duke in a handicap match. At Chaos, Blake eliminated 2 people in the Chamber match (John Pecker and Jack Threlfall) before being eliminated by the eventual winner, Duke Jackson. A few weeks later, Blake lost a 3 way match to determine the number one contender for the Hardcore title to Jason Cage. Blake's next PPV appearance was at Endurance, competing in a 20 man Royal Rumble, he entered at number 7 and was the first eliminated, the eventual winner was Steven Edens. At a press interview, Blake announced he was taking time off from EFW. He returned after the Summertime event, attacking Hunter Blakesfield. The following week, Blake challenged Hunter to an Inferno Match at the Inferno PPV, which Hunter accepted. At Inferno, Hunter won the Inferno match. Blake took time off from EFW after that match, he returned after Cyber Night, turning face when he saved Joseph Winters from an attack by Tyler DeToya, the following week, Blake challenged Tyler to an Extreme Rules match at F.O.F, which DeToya accepted.

In WrestlingEdit


Blake-Constrictor (Standing Anaconda Vise)

Punt To Head


Aneurysm (Kick to gut followed by DDT)

Motor City Cutter (Jumping Cutter)

Entrance Themes:

"Monster" by Skillet

Entrance PictureEdit