In 2014, the writer of EFW stopped writing chapters for the company and the whole thing was put on a long hiatus for months, until the writer finally started writing it again in December.

Reasons for HiatusEdit

  1. New Fics- While also working on EFW, the writer also started on new fics that distracted him from continuing EFW.
  2. Social Circle- The writer had recently contacted one of his best friends that he hadn't seen since High School, the writer got distracted from fanfiction to hang out with his friend. (NOTE: This reason links with reason 7)
  3. Computer Problems- At one point, when the writer was working on another fic, the writers laptop was damaged and he couldn't tell his mother, until she found out anyway, and the laptop had to be taken away to be fixed. A few months after the laptop was fixed, it was not working again after one of the writer's friends tried to upload some audio books that the writer had made with his friends.
  4. Youtube- The writer temporarily stopped working on fanfiction to focus on his Youtube Channel, however, this was only a minor reason for the hiatus since the writer hardly ever uploaded videos.
  5. PS3- The writer also stopped working on fanfiction because he had recently gotten some new games for his PS3 and wanted to focus on finishing them. (NOTE: This reason links with the following reason for the hiatus)
  6. Birthday- During the hiatus, the writer stopped working on fanfiction all day on the 15th of August because it was the writer's birthday and he wanted to spend the day with his 2 best friends. (NOTE: This reason links with reason 8)
  7. Yugioh- After reuniting with his best friend (See reason 2), the writer got back into a Japanese card game called Yugioh and couldn't stop playing it, the card game distracted the writer from EFW, but gave him the idea for 2 new fics (See reason 1)
  8. Holiday- In 2014, the writer went on holiday with his family (Or vacation if you're American) for a few days and wasn't able to write his fics due to a lack of internet, a couple of days after his birthday, the writer went on holiday again with just his Mother and her boyfriend as a late birthday gift and couldn't use his computer.